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【English and Chinese follows Japanese】
世界屈指の文化都市・京都を舞台に開催される、日本でも数少ない国際的な写真祭「KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭」

VIBE̶ 私たちの感覚を研ぎ澄まし、自身の中に眠る何かを揺るがし覚醒させるもの。
誰かに出会ったとき、作品と出会ったとき、ある出来事と対峙したとき、 目に映らず、形を持たずとも、私たちの全身全霊にほとばしるもの。

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019は、誰しもの中に在る「VIBE」を呼び覚まします。

The KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival is held annually over four weeks during the height of the spring tourist season in Kyoto, in a style that is unique in Asia. Exhibitions are spread across the city, staged creatively in various traditional and contemporary settings. The festival creates opportunities, bringing people together of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Now recognized as one of the world’s leading photography events, KYOTOGRAPHIE has attracted some 560,000 visitors from within Japan and overseas since 2013.

Our theme for 2019 is “VIBE.”
A VIBE is a distinctive emotional atmosphere, something sensed intuitively and deeply connected to our mood. Vibes rush over you when you meet a person, confront a memory or event, visit a place, hear a piece of music, or remember a time. These invisible waves, both positive and negative alter our experience, they either separate us or connect us.

今年邁入第七屆的「京都國際攝影祭 KYOTOGRAPHIE」是一年一度於春天舉辦於世界首屈一指的文化都市・京都的國際攝影祭。將海內外重要藝術家的攝影作品展出於具歷史性或現代摩登的建築空間內,每回展出極受好評,自2013年創辦以來已吸引海內外逾56萬人次造訪。

VIBE —— 銳化我們的感官,喚醒沈睡於我們心中某處的東西。 與人的邂逅、遇見某個作品時、面對某個事件時,即使它並未反映在眼睛裡、或擁有一個形態,但洋溢於我們全身。 其帶來的快樂、衝突抑或絕望引導我們進入一個嶄新的世界。 我們想傳達這種看不見的東西連結彼此時所產生的共振和共鳴。

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019 盼喚醒存在於每個人之中的「VIBE」。